Graft Glass.

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Natural Secolare wood, extra-light Murano glass.

Secolare wood

Wood recovered from old houses used for more than a century as architectural element. Unlike normal wood, Secolare Wood has a unique history and patina. To recover it is not necessary to cut down trees and thanks to the restoration skills of our master cabinetmakers, we reuse what would otherwise be destined for abandonment.

To preserve the precious centenary patina, we use water-based finishes that are respectful of the environment and health, free of solvents and with a degree of food safety that protect against stains and dirt but do not change the natural color of ancient wood.

Legno legno secolare nero
Secolare wood
Black Secolare wood
Legno legno secolare naturale
Secolare wood
Natural Secolare wood

Oak wood from FSC® sustainable forests

Legno rovere nero
Black oak
Legno rovere naturale
Natural oak
Legno rovere moka
Moka oak
American Walnut

American Walnut wood from FSC® sustainable forests

Legno noce americano
American Walnut
American Walnut
Vetro extra chiaro
Extra-light glass
Extra-light glass


Graftglass technicaldesign 1
Graftglass technicaldesign 2
Graftglass technicaldesign 3
Graftglass technicaldesign 4


100 x 36 x h 58 cm
150 x 36 x h 58 cm
200 x 36 x h 58 cm
100 x 36 x h 99 cm
150 x 36 x h 99 cm
200 x 36 x h 99 cm
100 x 36 x h 139 cm
150 x 36 x h 139 cm
200 x 36 x h 139 cm
100 x 36 x h 180 cm
150 x 36 x h 180 cm
200 x 36 x h 180 cm

We are committed to doing things right, which means putting our future first.

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Mindful craftsmanship

Naturedesign's product lives somewhere between small-scale industrial production, craftsmanship and restoration. The concept of noble craftsmanship marries painstaking care that enhances the beauty of natural materials and their change over time.


A unique and exclusive design characterised by an essential and international style, refined and never excessive. Soft, natural shapes that welcome and make you feel good.

Natural liability

Il nome Naturedesign porta intrinseco il senso di responsabilità, inteso come impegno verso l'ambiente, esteso anche verso le persone. Attenzione e ricerca sono rivolte a materiali e soluzioni che abbattono l'impatto ambientale.

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