We believe in history, we believe in materials.

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What does it mean

The design task is to enhance the expressive and sensory potential of the material in unique pieces where the most rare and precious recovered woods are combined with other natural and environmentally friendly materials.

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Secolare wood brings with itself the warmth of past stories. The elegance, its warm tone and the unique beauty, make it a timeless material. An invitation to discover the beauty of nature and to breathe its essence.

For generations we have selected rare and precious recovery woods, telling them in new words.
As skilled storytellers we combine the symphony of nature with what time has to reveal by giving the matter new lifeblood. We love wood because it is durable, renewable and recyclable. Like the man, it changes with the changing environment around it, it adapts and reinvents itself.

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We protect nature by taking care of its treasures.

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