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Why Naturedesign

A sense of responsibility intended as a commitment to the environment.

The perpetual ambition towards the research of aesthetic harmony, with a great sense of care for processing, materials and people.

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We are the only one using a secolare wood that allows not to cut down trees to build furniture.

The patina created by the exposure to the elements for hundreds of years creates a play of light between depressions and irregularities of the material. It allows to build wood products without cutting down any tree.


We only use real wood.

no chipping, MDF, etc.

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Our water-based finishes are free of solvents or harmful substances

The wood is exclusively treated with water-based paints with a food grade safety.

The paint we use is the same used on wooden toys for children up to three years.

Zero volatile solvents.
Zero harmful emissions.
100% protection from daily use.

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Made in Italy

Thanks to the excellent italian workers and productive districts we can use the best construction techniques and the best materials in the world.
All exclusively made in Italy.

The conscious construction thanks to an accurate industrial design that does not compromise on quality, allows to have an easily repairable product with a nearly eternal cycle of use.

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We protect nature by taking care of its treasures.We make products that reflect time.

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We make products that reflect time.

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